Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

One of the greatest frustrations I have experienced in Congress is witnessing the raw power that federal agencies have acquired through waivers and red tape. Executive agencies have assumed regulatory authority, taking the place of state governments and centralizing control.

For years federal courts have afforded a great amount of deference to federal agencies. That deference has produced significant restrictions on our liberties and caused the federal power to become unbalanced. It is past time that Congress address this extraordinary deference and restore our freedom. 

Many Americans have experienced the frustration of "someone from the federal government" walking in their front door to tell them how to run their business or their family farm. This is what death by a thousand paper cuts looks like in the real world.

The solution to over-regulation is to return oversight to the states. Government works best when it is local and accessible. The farther decisions are made from an individual, the more you are just a number, not a neighbor. As a nation, we want reasonable boundaries for fraud and discrimination. But, we can all agree that federal regulators moving into a neighborhood to tell our families that we cannot work together violates everything about our core American freedom and values. Continued uncertainty and central planning will stifle our economic development as a nation. We are a nation of ideas and passion, not a nation of mindless zombies serving some federal agency in Washington, D.C.

States rights and real reform is not just a slogan, it has been my mission. That is the only way to change the status quo. When you return governmental control to the state, you can solve the problem of federal over reach.