Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

Conservative solutions work in every neighborhood in America: rich, middle class or poor. In fact, the conservative values of hard work, personal responsibility and care for your family and neighbors works especially well for those in poverty. Leaders who come from a Judeo/Christian worldview also understand Proverbs 31 which admonishes every leader to, "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." People do not want to wait in line at a government agency, they want a job.

We are a compassionate nation. When the federal welfare and entitlement programs do not help poor families transition into a better life, they become the life. The welfare safety net should function like a trapeze acrobat's net, it safely and quickly helps a person falling get back up on their feet. Unfortunately, the American safety net currently resembles a fishing net, designed to keep a family in the net. Federal welfare and assistance to the poor should emphasize helping people graduate out of the programs, not staying in the programs indefinitely. A family can never get out of poverty, if they constantly live on government assistance. Statistics show that a quality education, a two parent home and a job (instead of an assistance check) make all the difference. Our federal safety net should direct families toward hope and opportunities.

The most effective programs are local charities, state, county and local governments. Let's work together to dramatically update the federal safety net so each family in America has a fair shot. When Washington D.C. serves a family, they are just another number. When one Oklahoman serves another Oklahoman, we are being neighbors.