Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

National security should be the federal government’s number one priority. We should deal with waste in all areas of government, including the military.  But, the budget should not drive military strategy, strategy should drive the budget.

The current Administration has pursued every effort to reduce our readiness and operational capabilities, which leaves our nation vulnerable.  Strong and knowledgeable leaders are needed to stand against the harmful proposals of the Administration, because a weak United States Military is not an option. Our military men and women put their life on the line to ensure our personal freedom; it is vital that we show them that we are behind them.


Veterans Care

Our nation still has tremendous problems plaguing VA hospitals and the administration.  The extent of delays, cover-ups and failings by the VA is an ongoing disgrace. Veterans should have the freedom to choose their health provider. When our armed forces risk their lives in service, we should provide our gratitude and the best possible care for them.