Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

No one in America thinks the current immigration system works well. Federal law enforcement has been limited by the Administration from enforcing illegal entry and employers struggle to verify documents or work through the red tape in the legal immigration process. Immigration is not about race or poverty, it is about the rule of law and a commitment to respect each person as created in the image of God. But, amnesty should be prohibited and each person must be held accountable for their actions.

America cannot just ignore the immigration issues we face and hope the problems go away. Thirty years ago, our nation had three million illegal immigrants, now we have more than eleven million people. If we ignore the issue, we will soon have more than twenty million people within our borders living in the shadows and avoiding the law.

Physical barriers and technology should be increased to support the terrific men and women who work every day to secure our borders, but every border must be secured. We must also increase our interior enforcement around the country. More than 40% of all the people in our nation illegally, came to America with a legal short term visa, but they never left. We need a working system to track people if and when they leave our country, even if they came legally.

As a nation, we have always welcomed families from all over the world that can help our economy and our communities, but we should know who is in our home at all times. The vision of the Statue of Liberty is still true, but the law also still stands.