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Assistance During COVID-19

The Lankfords encourage all Oklahomans to follow guidelines put out by federal, state, and local governments concerning slowing the spread of COVID-19.  

If you are higher risk, over 60 years old, or uneasy to be out in the public, #TeamLankford would like to partner you with one of our volunteers to ensure you have the basics needed during this time.

Please submit your information below and a brief explanation of the needs you have and someone on our team be in touch with you promptly to work towards meeting those needs for you in the most timely manner by either matching you with one of our incredible volunteers or an organization in your community.

Please Note: Any requests made for physical items are not guaranteed and are to be funded by the requestor not the volunteer. The details and pathway of service for individual requests might look different based on the area of the state, requestor and/or provider.

“This crisis presents a unique opportunity for Oklahomans to help each other at the most local level and fill unmet areas of need. I encourage able individuals to safely help your neighbor, meet local needs, and reach out to those in your community who are limited in their abilities to perform tasks outside the home,” said Lankford.  “These simple acts of service may take you mere minutes, but could be very significant to those who are most at risk. We are committed to serving alongside our fellow Oklahomans to make sure no one is missed.”

If you have a desire to help your fellow Oklahoman’s during this time, please sign up today and we will match you with a local need as they may arise. We would be honored to have your help! 

One of our campaign team members will be in touch with you promptly with additional information on engaging in a safe way and to connect you with a member of your community who has asked for assistance.

The Lankfords encourage all Oklahomans to follow guidelines put out by federal, state, and local governments concerning slowing the spread of COVID-19.  

Staying up-to-date on COVID-19 with guidance on safely interacting with one another whether your family, friends, co-workers, merchants or care providers is very important. Although there is a lot of information present right now through news outlets, social media and word of mouth we encourage you to check back to the CDC's website for accurate, current information.

We also encourage you to reach out to you local governments for applicable guidelines and restrictions. This will help you stay informed and stay safe whether you are offering to assist others or whether you are being supported during this time. 

Below are some additional links and resources for you:

Benefits being provided to the community of first responders by generous businesses throughout Oklahoma:

  • Sam’s Club offering free membership on Sundays for frontline workers
  • AT&T 3 free months of wiresless service
  • BP gas station offering .50 centers off per gallon of gas
  • offering 1 month free
  • Crocs offering a free pair of shoes
  • Dollar General offering 10% off
  • Krispy Kreme giving out free dozen donuts every Monday
  • Starbucks offering free hot or cold “tall” coffee
  • Tide laundry service offering free service until May 9th
  • Tropical Smoothie Café offering free smoothies delivered to your whole team
  • Uber Health will provide transportation