Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

Obamacare is a failure.  It is not just bad law, it is bad policy. The President's healthcare law is a huge over reach of federal power.  This law is about price controls and redistribution of income, not doctors, nurses and patients. When you are sick, the priority should be you and your health.

I have voted multiple times to repeal, replace or delay the Obamacare law that has driven up our unemployment rate, pushed people into part time work, reduced overtime hours, eliminated doctor choice and increased premium/co-payment costs for thousands of Oklahomans. Costs have increased as the new healthcare taxes started in early 2014 and options have decreased as many plans exclude many doctors and hospitals.

The Obamacare Independent Payment Advisory Board will begin to decide what drugs, treatments and hospitals meet their cost containment standards and which do not. Patients and doctors should have the maximum amount of flexibility to make healthcare decisions and not wait on a federal agent to make a judgment on their healthcare needs. We can do better.

Many states, including Oklahoma, have made significant strides in creating tort reform and affordable healthcare for those who cannot afford care at this time. The federal government should remove barriers, not create barriers, so small businesses can join together in high risk pools, individuals can take their healthcare with them from job to job, people have increased insurance options, medical malpractice reform and greater healthcare choice for those in true poverty.

There are easier ways to deliver healthcare to all Americans, other than taking over a huge portion of the nation's economy and controlling Americans' healthcare choices.