Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

The servant leadership of James Lankford is a rarity in Washington.  The idea of always being accountable, putting others first, and keeping Faith in a faithless town isn't easy, but James maintains his integrity while representing Oklahoma in Congress.  It is obvious that James is working to revive our great nation for the next generation of Americans
James Lankford is a rock solid Conservative who works hard and understands how to get rid of government waste and balance the budget. James has fought on the front lines against Obamacare and reckless federal spending every day in Congress.  I know James is well equipped for the task ahead and I'm proud to endorse him as Oklahoma's next great U.S. Senator.

-Governor Mike Huckabee,
Former Governor, Arkansas,
April 3, 2014

During my time as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I have had two strong partners when it comes to fighting for oversight and accountability: Tom Coburn and James Lankford,” Issa said. “I have worked closely with James for the past three and a half years and his diligence and relentless commitment to the truth have driven forward our Committee’s investigations that have exposed the actions of the Obama Administration. Oklahomans could not have a better champion fighting on their behalf to hold this government accountable than James Lankford. There is no better candidate to continue the oversight work of Dr. Coburn in the Senate than James Lankford.

-Congressman Darrell Issa
Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

June 8, 2014

The Bulk of James' career has been in ministry serving others. Now his mission field is Washington where I have seen him up close working to revive our great nation for the next generation of Americans. Simply put, James has been a model of servant leadership, and America desperately needs that kind of authentic conservative leadership in the U.S. Senate. James has been fighting on the front lines for limited government every day in Congress and I’m proud to endorse him as Oklahoma’s next great U.S. Senator.

–Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel
American Center for Law and Justice
April 21, 2014

I can think of no one that I know in public life who would make a better U.S. Senator than James Lankford. I am hoping and praying that the people of Oklahoma send James to Washington as their Senator. Tom Coburn has been a great senator and for all the things that people of faith care about in our country, James Lankford would be a most worthy replacement.

–Richard Land, Ph.D.
Former Head, Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

May 7, 2014

I am proud to stand with so many great leaders in the faith community who see the same strength and character in James Lankford that I do. I can think of nobody better to fill the shoes of Senator Tom Coburn than James. I see in him the same resolve, tenacity, and thoughtfulness that we must have in Washington for such a time as this. We need more leaders of faith in Washington who are built with such a foundation that only comes from time on your knees.

–Former Pastor Bob Reccord
Founding President, North American Mission Board
Immediate Past Executive Director, Council for National Policy
May 7, 2014

James is a true servant-leader who has stood strong for his conservative principles during his time in the House of Representatives. As a man of unyielding faith, I am confident that he will continue to serve both his Lord and his country as the next, great senator from Oklahoma.

–Judge Paul Pressler
Leader of Southern Baptist Convention conservative resurgence
May 7, 2014

At a time of economic malaise that we have not seen since the 1970s it is critical that we elect champions of pro-growth economic policies to positions of power like James Lankford. He understands that the way to grow our economy is to keep taxes, regulation and litigation low to empower the greatest job creating engine the world has ever seen; the American entrepreneur.

-Arthur Laffer,
Founder and Chairman of Laffer Associates, Former member of President Ronald Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board,
June 18, 2014

James Lankford has represented me, my family and our nation’s military to the highest degree in Congress and we need his leadership in the U.S. Senate. I know firsthand the influence good policy can have on our military strength and effectiveness. James’ commitment to thoughtful deliberation, diligent study and selfless service makes him not only the most qualified candidate for U.S. Senate but the leader who will provide real solutions for current service members, veterans and their families.

-Major Ed Pulido,
U.S. Army (Ret.)
May 27, 2014