Lankford Senate

Faithful, Conservative Leader

Every American knows that our nation is deeply in debt. We currently owe over $19 trillion dollars in debt and our future liabilities exceed $71 trillion. President Obama and the Washington Democrats believe that the economic malaise of our nation will be solved by more government spending and debt.  President Obama put our nation on a path to double our federal debt during his presidency.

To be clear, the debt problem is a spending problem, not a tax problem. Tax receipts are the highest ever. But, the federal government wastes billions of hardworking taxpayer dollars in unnecessary programs, indiscriminate foreign aid and horrible financial management.

There is no quick fix, but there must be a plan to get our nation back to balance. High debt slows down the current economy and it will hurt the economic future of the nation. Our grandparents would have NEVER said, "times are tough, I think I will make life tougher for my children and grandchildren so it will be easier on me."

Solving the budget crisis is not simple, but it is achievable with a long term goal and a commitment to eliminate the wasteful spending and the government red tape that slows down our economy. I am committed to develop the solutions that will move us step by step back into balance.